Friday, August 03, 2012

Meet Ace Research Assistant Chet Wallace

Chet Wallace
The Winecoff Fire co-authors, Sam Heys and Allen B. Goodwin are pleased to recognize the good work of Chet Wallace. Said Sam Heys, "Two years ago Chet had never heard of the Winecoff Hotel fire. Then he read our book. He contacted Allen and me and has pumped new energy into our study of the fire."

"Sam and Allen's book had a big effect on me," said Wallace. "It made me curious about the fire's 119 victims. Who were they? What kind of lives had they led?"

"Chet's located dozens of new photos for the Remembrance Page. He's also compiled a long overdue index for our book," said Allen Goodwin, "he's been a huge help."

Goodwin added, "he's brought us so much new material a second book may soon be in the works."


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