Monday, September 09, 2013

A Winecoff Poem

Chet Wallace
Research assistant Chet Wallace has penned a poem. It was inspired by his study of the Winecoff fire. Wallace writes from the perspective of a fictional man whose girlfriend is lost in the fire. There were in fact, many such stories. He writes about no specific figure in the Winecoff tragedy but reveals his deep empathy for those who lost loved ones.

My Love Lost
Chet Wallace

My love made a trip.
She hoped to escape.
No bye from her lips.
No hand on my nape.
Destination was a city,
A Phoenix from the ashes.
That city went through pity,
None from her would trash it.
She made it to a hotel,
Winecoff was her name.
She made sure I not tell.
Infidelity was her aim.
She went to a tea room,
Francis Virginia was her name.
Her thought was to bloom,
A relationship just the same.
Her letter was written to me,
Telling what she did.
The man she went to see,
Unknown to me and hid.
The night was full of dread,
For fire was the cause.
Many asleep were dead,
Because of gamblin’ outlaws.
She died as others did,
No chance to avoid.
A trip that I forbid,
She surely enjoyed.
Now I’m without my love,
Never seen again.
She fit me like a glove,
My love lost, amen.


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