Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ethel Stewart - Photo Newly Acquired

From the very home in which she grew up comes this photo of Winecoff fire victim Ethel Stewart. Miss Stewart, 20, and five other young female victims were University of Alabama students. They were in Atlanta working internships at Davison's and Rich's department stores. Ethel Stewart was prepared to work the Christmas rush at Rich's. She had worked at her parents' country store during high school. She was a senior at the university and was engaged to be married.
"She was very outgoing, very lovable, very smart, down to earth and easy-going" said her hotel roommate, survivor Rose Harvey, in an interview with Winecoff Fire co-author Sam Heys.
The photo was submitted by her nephew, Allen Stewart of Ralph, Alabama. He lives in the same house where his Aunt Ethel grew up. Her personal dressing table is still kept in the home. Ethel Stewart's story in told beginning on page 53 of The Winecoff Fire.